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Accounting, auditing and financial services firm

A member of:

-Iranian Institute of Certified Accountants (IICA),

-Iran Management Consultants Association (IMCA).

– Aria Nik Hesab firm (ANH) has been registered in Industrial Ownership Registration Office in Tehran under registration No. 24552 on August 18, 2009.

The Accounting Firm offers clients a range of accounting, auditing and assurance services that can help businesses and organizations streamline financial processes, excel in transparency, and improve the reliability of their financial reporting. Our partners and staff stay ahead of the important accounting, audit, and compliance issues that impact our clients and their industries.

– The firm’s subject of activity, according to the provision of article No. 2 of article of association includes all financial, accounting, management services and tax consulting such as legal inspection, auditing and reviewing accounts and financial reports and statements, analysis and the establishment of internal controls, correcting accounts, preparing financial statements and financial and management reports, and auditing some specific accounts. . . .

-The firm since the beginning relying knowledge and years of experience working managers and professional staff, to a wide range of companies in the fields of contracting, manufacturing and industrial, commercial, service and consulting, has been working, diversified financial services including accounting, auditing, correcting accounts, create and optimize existing financial systems and internal controls systems, financial and tax consultant, etc. is provided. . . .

Our goal is to provide professional services that exceed your expectations, that are timely, high-quality, personalized, and directed at improving your bottom-line results. Quality and value-added solutions from your accounting firm are essential steps toward success in today’s marketplace. We go beyond traditional services to provide proactive solutions and the highest level of service and experience in audit and assurance, business advisory services, and tax and accounting